PMP Practice Makes Perfect: Over 1,000 PMP Practice Questions and Answers

7 January 2012

PMP: Practice Makes PerfectTo help project managers pass the latest Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam by PMI, I worked with my fellow project management experts in Canada, U.S. and U.K. to put together more 1,000 practice questions.

Unlike most of the sample exam questions which were written by an individual, this book offers an unmatched variety of questions from multiple authors from different countries. We conducted a peer-review, engaged a team of technical editors and worked with content editors to ensure the clarity and accuracy of every single question.

We are extremely proud of this book—more than 800 exam-quality questions with detailed answers and explanations, plus more than 200 fill-in-the-blank, true/false, and short answer questions to help you prepare for the exam.

This book serves as an ideal complement to Sybex’s PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide, 6th Edition.

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Project Resource Overallocation: Why a Blank Resource Pool is Bliss

14 April 2011

Microsoft Project Share ResourcesIf you manage multiple projects using Microsoft Project and you use common resources on some or all of them, you know how difficult it is to resolve resource overallocation. Here is one simple trick—use a blank resource pool.

Assume that you have Project A and Project B.

  1. Create a blank Microsoft Project file and call it “Resource Pool”
  2. Open Projects A and B
  3. Select Window / Arrange All to see all open files
  4. Select Project A and click on Tools / Resource Sharing / Share Resources
  5. Select “Use resources” from “Resource Pool” and “Pool takes precedence”, and then click on OK
  6. Repeat for Project B
  7. Switch to the Resource Pool and click on View / Resource Usage
  8. Insert the Project column to see which project is causing the over allocation

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Launch of Scouts Canada’s Revitalized Uniform: A Case Study of Excellent Project Scope and Communications Management

27 March 2011

Scouts Canada: Project Scope and Communications ManagementSeveral things went right on the recent launch of Scouts Canada’s revitalized uniform but there are two project management knowledge areas that the team focused on that made it really successful—project scope management, particularly the Collect Requirements process, and project communications management.

To respect the movement’s century-old history and to address potential emotional concerns, the team spent countless hours gathering the requirements via formal studies, surveys, focus groups and face-to-face discussions. Without a well-integrated project communications management plan, the requirements gathering process would not have been successful.

Throughout the project, updates were sent to more than 100,000 members whilst continually engaging the senior management team, and local staff and volunteers. The resulting media coverage in national newspapers, radio and television—and the buzz on social media sites—points to a solid and well-executed marketing and public relations strategy.

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Outsourcing of PMO Functions for Improved Organizational Performance

5 March 2011

Outsourcing PMOThis book presents the research results of outsourcing PMO functions. The research used case studies from multiple countries and surveys from 104 project professionals across multiple industries and PM roles.

It became evident that outsourcing PMO functions can positively impact organizational performance—and how proper management governance and standards practices contribute to favourable results.

I found the PMO Functions Outsourcing Criteria very useful because it highlighted what organizations should consider if they are planning to outsource their PMO functions. All of the organizations who participated in the case study outsourced their project methodology and tools. Half of them outsourced project manager development; a different half outsourced project delivery altogether.

If your organization is planning to outsource its PMO functions, this book is a must. You’ll know that you have your facts straight instead of relying on anecdotal information from others.

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Finding Faults vs. Seeking Solutions

20 February 2011

Project Management ProblemsWe live in an imperfect world. Most projects are fraught with problems. Why is it then that some people prefer to find faults instead of seeking solutions to problems? That’s because it is easier to whine. It’s easier to complain. It’s easier to do nothing.

If you find issues or problems in the office or in your projects, start seeking for solutions instead of focusing your efforts on finding faults on others or the “system”. It is better to be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

Doctoral advisors ask PhD candidates not to plant a tree of knowledge but to simply add a leaf to that tree. You don’t need to solve world hunger. You simply need to contribute a small piece to the solution. If you cannot lead or follow, then get out of the way!

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